We thought, on the basis of the exit poll, and our personal interest in the contest in South Belfast, that it would be worth sitting up for a while and seeing how the election went.  Our resolve to watch didn’t last long however, and, wisely, we went to bed before getting sucked into that cycle of waiting for ‘just one more key result’. So, the political map has changed again nationally, and our focus in Northern Ireland will shift back to the Assembly and what will or won’t happen here.

Meanwhile the garden grows.  There is no need for watering outside.  What rain we had yesterday! Thankfully, the roof around the spire didn’t leak, so it looks as though that problem has been solved.  Now we prepare for the Music Festival next week.

The garden is at its most lush this month, with hedges and bushes growing vigorously and the soft fruit swelling well.  There is going to be a fantastic crop of gooseberries and blackcurrants, and, judging by the flower on the raspberries and the busy working of the bees, I am expecting a good set on them too – and they like the rain!

I can’t understand why the broad beans look so weedy though.  Maybe it was because I sowed them much later than usual, as they didn’t go in until our move was postponed.  Speaking of which, it looks likely that this will come in September.  Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and good wishes.  Whilst Helen has some way to go, she is slowly but steadily improving.