Charities wishing to apply for funding from the Cathedral’s annual Black Santa Sit-out are reminded that the deadline for completed applications is October 26.

An application form can be downloaded from the link below or collected from the Cathedral Office.

This year will see the 42nd annual Black Santa Sit-out on the steps of St Anne’s Cathedral in the days before Christmas. It will be Dean Stephen Forde’s first Sit-out, although he did spend some hours on the steps last year as Black Santa in training!

Funds raised will be distributed to successful applicants at the Good Samaritans Service in February 2019.

Most of the money raised at the Sit-out goes to charities in Northern Ireland, with a proportion given to Christian Aid. The range of charities includes medical research; those caring for children, youth and the elderly; those which work to improve opportunities for young people and a host of small charities which cannot afford paid fundraisers.

To access the application form please click HERE.