A major part of the cathedral’s vision for its music department is to once again have a choir of boys to take part in services with the Lay Clerks and Choral Scholars. A number of boys have been selected from the cathedral’s choir schools, and have been rehearsing on Tuesdays and having singing lessons. They will increasingly take part in the life of the cathedral and, when fully integrated into the service schedule, will have an equal workload to that of the girls choir. At present they sing Choral Evensong on Tuesdays.


Formed in the autumn of 2012, the girls choir consists of 20 girls aged 11-18 from various schools in Belfast. They sing Choral Evensong on Mondays and Wednesdays and both the Eucharist and Evensong every other Sunday. Already a musically accomplished ensemble, they have broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster, recorded part of a soundtrack for the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, and toured France in the summer of 2015.

Lay Clarks and Choral Scholars

The choir has a team of singers who provide the alto, tenor and bass parts of the choir. The lay clerks and choral scholars are excellent musicians who sing with the various treble/soprano lines at weekends, and at all the major festivals.

Junior Girls

The girls junior choir meets on Fridays after school, and the majority of its members are drawn from the cathedral’s choir schools. The age-range of this choir is deliberately lower than that of the main girls choir, so as to allow younger girls to take part in the musical life of the cathedral, and to provide training for those who may wish to join the main girls choir when they reach the appropriate age.

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