Further Information

on Belfast Cathedral



Visitors arriving at the Cathedral will be greeted by one of our Welcome Desk staff – Agnes or Margaret. They are supported by our experienced volunteers, who also act as tour guides and are happy to answer any questions you may have!



The Cathedral’s team of sextons comprises Sam and Lynn, who are on occasions supported by casual sextons. Their’s is a caretaking role within the Cathedral buildings and environs during normal opening hours and special services and events.

The Cathedral Board

  • The Dean (Chairman)
  • The Bishop of Connor
  • The Bishop of Down & Dromore
  • The Dean’s Vicar
  • The Archdeacons of Belfast and Down
  • The Rev J Elsdon
  • The Rev Canon M Taylor
  • Mrs G McGaughey (Hon Sec)
  • Dr V KcKinley
  • Mr J Watson
  • Mr R Kay MBE
  • Dr M Callender
  • Mr R Totten MBE
  • Dr R Cromey
  • Mr N Pierpoint
  • Mr Patrick Good
  • Mr T Pateman
  • Vacant

The Cathedral Chapter

  • The Dean
  • Treasurer & Chapter Clerk: The Rev Mark Niblock
  • Chancellor: The Venerable K Higgins
  • Precentor: The Venerable B Forde

Canons of Connor

  • The Rev Nigel Baylor
  • The Rev Mark Taylor
  • The Rev David Humphries
  • The Rev Stephen Fielding
  • Canons of Down and Dromore
  • The Rev Ronnie Nesbitt
  • The Rev Stephen Lowry
  • The Rev Gareth Harron
  • The Rev Gill Withers

Chapter Canons

  • The Rev Michael Parker
  • The Rev Kevin Graham

Minor Canons

  • The Rev Nigel Kirkpatrick
  • The Rev Julie Bell

Ecumenical Canons

  • The Rev Dr R Patterson
  • The Rev Ruth E Patterson
  • The Very Rev Edward O’Donnell
  • Lay Canons
  • Mr Robert Kay MBE
  • Mrs Myrtle Kerr