Annual Pet Service – Pets on the Steps


Our annual Pet Service is back .. just slightly different this year (like most things).

'Pets on the Steps' - Sunday 4th October 2020 

Belfast Cathedral has hosted its annual Pet Service since 2017 with superb success. Every year more than 100 animal lovers attend with their pets (of all shapes sizes) to enjoy a magnificent service of music and giving thanks for our furry companions.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the service cannot take place this year in its usual capacity. However, the Dean of Belfast, The Very Rev Stephen Forde, was keen to not miss this special event entirely.

The Dean and Dean’s Vicar will be on the steps of the Cathedral on Sunday 4th October between 2-3pm, to coincide with St Francis of Assisi Day, and encourage people to bring their pets to receive a blessing during this time.

The Very Rev Stephen Forde said: “Although we cannot have our annual Pet Service this year, due to the Covid restrictions, we still want to recognise how significant people’s pets have been to them, particularly during the months of lockdown. We hope by welcoming people to bring their pets to the steps of the Cathedral for this simple blessing, we are able to offer members of the public an alternative to our extremely successful Pet Service. This opportunity for thanksgiving and blessing celebrates the importance of pets and working animals in the lives of so many people in these very difficult times.”


Belfast Cathedral - Annual Pet Service – Pets on the Steps
The steps of the Cathedral Sunday 4th Oct 2020 14:00 - 15:00