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Anniversary Statement

Belfast Cathedral - Anniversary Statement

Last Friday, 24th April, marked one year since Belfast Cathedral was packed by those who had gathered for the funeral of popular journalist and author Lyra McKee. To mark the first anniversary of the funeral service, the Dean of Belfast and Father Martin Magill, with the consent of Lyra's family, issued the public tribute below. The tribute was reported upon by a number of local newspapers including the Belfast Telegraph and the Newsletter.

One year on fromĀ  that day which challenged our local politicians to strive and find a new way of working together for the good of everyone, we commended and encouraged the First and Deputy First Ministers, and the Executive Ministers at Stormont as they give genuine leadership through the current Coronavirus Crisis. We also continue to hold to God's care and keeping Lyra's sisters and brothers, her wider family, and all who knew her best and miss her the most, conscious that Lyra's mother Joan did not live to see this first anniversary for her youngest daughter.

A Tribute marking the Anniversary of the Funeral of Lyra McKee, journalist. Download