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Belfast Cathedral in Partnership with Corrymeela’s “Courage Pentecost”

Belfast Cathedral - Belfast Cathedral in Partnership with Corrymeela’s “Courage Pentecost”

In 2021, for the fifty days between Easter Sunday (4th April 2021) and Pentecost Sunday (23rd May, 2021), we invite members of the cathedral family, and those across the churches to join in partnership with Corrymeela's  #CouragePentecost programme.

Each day we are called, prayerfully and courageously, to make a small change to our daily attitudes or actions, which can lead to a major change in our worldview  and the situations of ongoing sectarianism in our land.

At a time of community tension, when the churches are calling on others to step back from violent words and actions, this is a call for us to examine our own attitudes, fears and prejudices.

There is a separate action or call to change for each day. To follow this programme please connect with Corrymeela's Courage Pentecost Website at

The Courage Pentecost programme will conclude with an ecumenical service at St John's Parish, Fall Road on the evening of Pentecost Sunday, 23rd May, 2021.