from St Anne's

Black Santa 2023 Appeal Goes Live

The website for Belfast Cathedral's 47th Black Santa Appeal is now live and open for donations.

The Black Santa Appeal began in 1976 when Dean Sammy Crooks started to sit out on the steps of Belfast Cathedral to raise money for charity in the days leading up to Christmas. His clerical cloak and the time of year earned him the nickname, 'Black Santa' from Belfast's media. Since then, Black Santa and his helpers have raised many hundreds of thousands of pounds for local charities.

In its 47th year, the Black Santa Appeal has three areas of focus, responding to the most pressing needs in our society:

  • As food bills and energy costs rise and poverty increases, money raised from the Appeal will go towards supporting local charities who are supporting families and individuals who continue to struggle under the cost of living crisis.
  • Drug abuse is a growing source of pain and anguish in our communities, taking and destroying lives, leaving despair in its wake. This year, in partnership with PWC, money raised from the Appeal will go towards supporting local charities which are at the forefront of helping those most affected by drug abuse.
  • Although the shadow of the pandemic is passing, many people lost someone close to them during those two dark years in which our normal expressions of grief were denied. This year, money raised from the Appeal will go towards charities and organisations offering bereavement support services in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The Black Santa Appeal shares all the money it raises between over 150 local charities who apply for our support. On the Black Santa website, you can find videos from nine of the charities we supported last year, telling their stories of how our grants have supported them to make a difference to the lives of hundreds of people in our society.

If you would like to help Belfast Cathedral raise money to support these charities, please donate to the Black Santa Appeal by following the link below. Every penny you donate will go directly to the charities. Your support is deeply appreciated.