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Blitz 80 – Cathedral Windows

Belfast Cathedral - Blitz 80 – Cathedral Windows

In May 1941, after two raids, Messrs Clokey suggested the Board consider having the windows removed from the West Front, the Baptistery, the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, the Chancel and Nave. Not included was the already damaged Good Samaritans window.

The Board considered the removal too expensive and could potentially cause damage and where would the windows be stored?

Enemy action damaged the windows and in 1942 a license to replace them was refused. Messrs J and R Thompson agreed to experiment with one of the windows that was already covered with felt to see if an airtight job could be achieved. Attendees at services would complain on the draughts and it wasn’t until 1945 that the damaged windows were replaced.

A submission was made for removing all ‘blackout’ from the openings and supplying fixing leading lights to the windows to match the original design, as well as supplying and glazing five Chancel windows with tinted glass – to protect the choir from the glare of the sun.

The work was paid for with War Damage compensation.


Extracts taken from Norman Weatherall's article 'Cathedral's Battle with the Bombs of the Blitz' in the Cathedral Digest

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