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Blitz 80 – Cathedral’s Preparation for War

Belfast Cathedral - Blitz 80 – Cathedral’s Preparation for War

What preparations did the Cathedral Board make to protect the building?

In September 1939, in response to lighting restrictions, the Sunday evening service was brought forward to 6pm from 7pm (later 6.30pm)

The windows were fitted with blackout material and it was decided to lower the lights to prevent a glow from the clerestory as the most vulnerable elements were the windows and the roof.

Windows at the East end were partially covered with blue paint and the remainder by dark curtains. Should a raid occur during a service the Crypt was to be a shelter, entry by exterior doors.  A platform was erected at one door to make entry down the stone steps easier. Additional lighting was established and a splinter blast wall erected outside both entrances.


Extracts taken from Norman Weatherall's article 'Cathedral's Battle with the Bombs of the Blitz' -  Cathedral Digest - Holy Week/Easter 2021