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Blitz 80 – Damage Caused

Belfast Cathedral - Blitz 80 – Damage Caused

Structural damage occurred when a blast-thrown boulder damaged the eaves gutter and roof over the crypt door and caused flooding.

When the West Doors were sprung by a blast they were remove and repaired, and the entrance bricked up. Sandbags were piled on top of the brick wall.

The cost of Air Raid Precautions was met from a Suspense Account’. War Risk insurance (£10,000) was meant to cover the organ, furniture and vestments.

After VE Day, the Cathedral’s July 1945 magazine recorded the removal of the last bricks and sandbags from the West Doors. The building had ‘happily reverted to its pre-war appearance with light flooding through the stained glass windows

Extracts taken from Norman Weatherall's article 'Cathedral's Battle with the Bombs of the Blitz' -  Cathedral Digest - Holy Week/Easter 2021