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Cathedral Sunday Services in October

Belfast Cathedral - Cathedral Sunday Services in October

As the autumn colours take hold, and the nights turn colder, the month of October carries the sense that autumn is fully upon us.

With the cathedral’s Harvest Festival services on 16th October, we can take time to reflect on what has been good and God given in each of our lives. We need also to remember God’s promise of faithfulness through times that can be immensely challenging. We can think of the looming “cost of living crisis” with soaring energy bills, or rising mortgage costs, or further afield to the ongoing carnage of war for the people of Ukraine. For some, our challenges will concern our own personal health, or our continued remembrance of the Royal family in their own time of personal grief, as well, perhaps for more personal griefs within our own cathedral family.

Whether in thanksgiving, or in a renewed trust in God’s faithfulness, as a visitor, a new student in Belfast or a longstanding member of our cathedral congregation, you are welcome to join us through this month of October for Sunday worship at St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast.

Each Sunday you are invited to Cathedral Morning Eucharist at 11.00am, and Cathedral Evening Prayer at 3.30pm.

Services in October will be conducted as follows: 

Sun 2nd    11.00am   Service led by Canon Raymond Fox. Preacher: Rev Janice Elsdon. Celebrant: Rev Ron Elsdon.

No 3.30pm

Sun 9th  11.00am   Service led by Rev Dr Maithrie White. Preacher: Canon Will Murphy. Celebrant: Revd Jancie Elsdon

3.30pm    Service led by Rev Dr Maithrie White

Harvest Sunday 16th  11.00am   Service led by Rev Janice Elsdon. Preacher:  Mrs Gillian McGaughey Celebrant: Canon Raymond Fox

Harvest Sunday 3.30pm    Service led by Revds Janice & Ron Elsdon

Sun 23rd   11.00am  Service led by Mrs Gillian McGaughey. Preacher: Rev Dr Maithrie White. Celebrant: Canon Will Murphy

3.30pm   Service led by Canon Kevin Graham

Sun 30th  11.00am  Service led by Rev Ron Elsdon. Preacher: Rev Campbell Dixon. Celebrant: Rev Janice Elsdon

3.30pm    Service led by tbc

Please also remember our daily lunchtime prayers at 1.00pm on weekdays in the cathedral.