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Choral Evensong at St Patrick’s Broughshane

Choral Evensong at St Patrick’s Broughshane

In 987AD after a service in Hagia Sophia, the famous Greek Orthodox cathedral, a delegation of early Russians reported back to their prince, Vladimir:

“…We did not know where we were, on heaven or on earth...”

That same sentiment was felt in St Patrick’s Broughshane on Sunday evening (2nd June 2019) when the choir of St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast joined the local parish choir to sing Choral Evensong.  People from the village of Broughshane, and further afield, came together for the first Choral Evensong sung in Broughshane for over thirty years.

The Rector, Rev Dr Andrew Campbell said "…It is wonderful to welcome David Stevens, Master of the Choristers, and the choir of Belfast Cathedral here to Broughshane, as they showcase excellence in choral music. We are grateful for their willingness to come and to nurture and inspire the choral tradition here. I also want to pay tribute to our own choir in St Patrick’s Broughshane and our organist Elizabeth Ferguson as they joined with the choir of St Anne’s in this wonderful evening....”

Refreshments were served after the service in the church hall. The initial feedback was extremely positive with comments like:

A great evening. Really good singing.” “It was truly beautiful.” “When is the next one?”