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Humans of the Cathedral – Nick

In these trying times, we're all still here, working together and looking towards the positive. This week we want to introduce Nick who has been with us at the Cathedral since he was a little boy. Nick's association with the Cathedral began in 1979 when his Dad brought him in to be auditioned by Jonathan Gregory (the Director of Music at the time) for a place as chorister in the choir!

"I was quite old (12) and only really managed to sing for around 3 years. That time gave me a love and passion for the Cathedral which burns as brightly in me today as it did then.  I've sung countless times over the intervening years and even today Matthew Owens (recently appointed DOM) allows me to sing and help with some services. I count this as a real privilege. I've been lucky to have sung in some very special services in front of many VIPs and occasionally royalty!"

"I became a Board member in 2017. I really felt I wanted to give somethings back to the Cathedral as its given me so much. It’s been both interesting and challenging but ultimately really rewarding".

What is your favourite part of the Cathedral?

My favourite part of the Cathedral? That’s dead easy. Standing in the choir stalls looking down the nave especially while singing a wonderful piece of choral music.

What are your goals for 2020?

I managed to lose 4 stone in 2019 and I’ve felt so much healthier for it. One of my goals of 2020 will be to keep that 4 stone off! My main goal for the Cathedral would be to see the music dept continue to flourish. We are so blessed to have Matthew as our recently appointed DOM and the difference he has already made is remarkable. That coupled with the arrival of Jack Wilson as new aDOM means there are very exciting times ahead for our music dept.

Who was your childhood hero?

My big brother Philip. He left NI to live in England when I was only 4. He was and remains my hero.

What is your favourite memory from your time at the Cathedral?

The one service which I will never forget was the consecration of the completion of the cathedral in 1981. It was broadcast live on tv and was attended by Her Majesty the Queen. The Archbishop of Canterbury preached and some of the music was specially commissioned. Being both a chorister and later a Layclerk of the choir also afforded me the opportunity of not only visiting but also singing in some wonderful cathedrals such as St Pauls, Westminster Abbey and Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral.

What is your favourite pizza topping?

Tuna and prawn with loads of garlic. Anyone who says pineapple is simply wrong.......

During this time, let us remember to keep working together and support one another.

We'll see you all again soon and maybe you'll spot Nick in the Cathedral!