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Little Amal finds sanctuary at Belfast Cathedral – Friday 17 May – 8pm start

Belfast Cathedral - Little Amal finds sanctuary at Belfast Cathedral – Friday 17 May – 8pm start

On Friday evening 17th May, Little Amal, a 12 foot puppet, representing a 10 year old Syrian refugee child, will make her way into Belfast Cathedral to find her place of rest and sanctuary. She will arrive at St Anne’s Cathedral having spent the day travelling to various key locations throughout Belfast. Exhausted and weary she will seek a safe place to find a bed for the night, and as she drifts off to sleep, Little Amal’s dreams will be projected into the amazing space that is Nave of Belfast Cathedral.

Since  July 2021, Little Amal has travelled to 160 towns and cities in 15 different countries. She has been welcomed by two million people. Over 440 unique events have been created for her by thousands of artists, members of civic society and faith leaders.

Amal’s journey represents the story of migration across continents, the result of the wars which make refugees out of those who have lost homes and homelands. Yet Amal’s story also challenges us to see for ourselves potential, success, respect, hospitality and kindness.

From 16th to 19th May, Little Amal will bring her challenge to the people of Belfast.

And in a concert event starting at 8pm on Friday 17th May, she will be welcomed by the Dean into the safe place of Belfast Cathedral.

In 2021 the Dean of Belfast’s Sitout Appeal had a particular focus on supporting those who have arrived in Northern Ireland as refugees, whose stories are reflected in the story of little Amal.

Before Amal reaches the cathedral, there will be a spectacular community concert in the open space of the cathedral’s Nave. This will feature some of Northern Ireland’s most exciting musical talent, including: Beauty Sleep, Winne Ama, Hex hue, Huartan, Laytha, Garrett Laurie, and the Sanctuary Choir. The music performed will be cover a wide range of genres, including indie, folk, pop, and trad-tronic, all to be enjoyed in the open space of the cathedral nave. As this is a standing only concert, held over two hours, it is considered suitable only for those who are over 14 years of age.

In the middle of the open Nave will be Amal’s bed. There she will lie down as her “Bedtime Story” is told by Nandi Jola. Animations will be by Fergus Wachala-Kelly. Finally as Amal’s eyes close her dreams will be made visible to all who are present.

This ticketed event runs from 8pm to 10pm.

Tickets (which are free) can be booked by clicking here:

This event is in partnership with Belfast City Council, and is part of the Belfast 2024 year of cultural activities.

For further information on Little Amal’s days in Belfast click here:

After her stay in Belfast. Little Amal will travel across the island of Ireland finishing in Dublin.