from St Anne's

Lorna’s Recommended Reads

Amongst the Cathedral Team are some avid readers! During this period where we all find ourselves with a little extra time, why not pick up a new book, or read a classic again! Lorna tells us about some of her favourite choices.


For me, books contain memories! Memories of someone noticing I liked movies based on Jane Austen and so they bought me her entire collection of books. A beautiful fairytale book my Grandma passed on to me or the time my mum got me what seemed like a tower of Phillip Pullman books for my birthday. But whenever I'm feeling a bit lost or down I'll read Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. I turn to this book not just because of the story, but because my Grandma gave it to me when I was younger and it makes me remember our weekend visits to my grandparents, with my mum, brother, auntie and cousins. It makes me feel like its Autumn no matter what time of year I read it, as though the leaves are falling and I remember the exact moment my Grandma gave it to me.

Many of us might not be staying with family during this difficult time, and that's why books and memories are so important, they can make you feel connected even when you're far apart.