from St Anne's

New Additions to the Cathedral!

Belfast Cathedral has recently installed two new permanent features!

A Children's Corner has been introduced to allow families and schools to learn, read, and show off their art skills in the beautiful and uplifting setting of the Cathedral. This area has been installed in advance of the upcoming Kid's Trails which will arrive later this year. Make sure to stop by!

Another exciting addition is the new permanent War Memorial Exhibition which was created with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund. Funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund allowed the Cathedral to restore the Memorial Books and Lectern to their former glory, as well as helping with the installation of new information panels and an interactive touch-screen which showcases a digitized version of the Memorial Books.

The Cathedral would like to say a big thank you to Eneclann and the Irish Family History Centre who generously provided the digitised Memorial books, which now allows visitors to search for specific names within the books. And finally, thank you to Cathedral Archivist Norman Weatherall and our Cathedral staff for collating the information for the project.

Please make sure to take the time to visit this new installation which provides insight into life across the world and for the people of the Cathedral itself, during World War 1.