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Services Sunday 19 December

Belfast Cathedral - Services Sunday 19 December

You are welcome to join us at 11.00am on Sunday 19 December 2021, which is the Fourth Sunday of Advent. The service will be Choral Eucharist, with the Reverend Janice Elsdon aa both celebrant and preacher .

Please note that the seats have been replaced in the Nave. However, seating will be by alternate rows, and we ask that 2 vacant chairs (1m) be kept between groups.

The musical setting for Choral Eucharist will be Messe Solennelle, Op. 16, by Louis Vierne. The Communion Motet, also by Vierne, will be Ave Maria.

At 3.30pm we will hold a Children's Crib Service, featuring both the Belfast Cathedral Children's Choir and the Cathedral Songbirds. This will be a more informal service, focusing on the Nativity story with the visual aid of the Cathedral Crib scene and its characters.

Those attending services are reminded that face coverings must be worn when entering, exiting and moving around within the building, and while singing. We also request that they are worn throughout the service.  

Social distancing requirements should be observed during and after the service. Holy Communion will be in one kind only.

The spoken parts of the Eucharist can be accessed later in the day by clicking on the link at the foot of this page. For those with no internet access, the service can also be accessed through the Audio Telephone Service by dialing 028 9532 0355. We try to post this early Sunday afternoon.

A copy of both Orders of Service can be downloaded below.

There is currently an exhibition on display in the Ambulatory: “Everyday Objects Transformed by the Troubles” by Healing Through Remembering.

19 December Choral Eucharist Download
19 December Crib Service Download
19 December Audio Download