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Special WW1 commemorative Digest

Belfast Cathedral - Special WW1 commemorative Digest

On July 1 1917, more than 2,000 people filled the Cathedral, and hundreds stood outside the West doors, for a memorial service for those killed at Thiepval on July 1 the previous year.

This was just one of many services in St Anne’s during World War One which is documented along with the thoughts and fears of those who lived through those years in a special issue of the Cathedral Digest, which is now available.

This commemorative issue contains extracts from the Digests published from September 1914 - ‘The War has cast its awful shadow over everything…’ to December 1918 – ‘Peace once more reigns.’

It reflects on memorials to WW1 to be seen in the Cathedral, including the West Front façade, the books containing the names of the war dead, and the names of some of those carved in stone for eternity.

This commemorative issue of the Cathedral Digest is available to all parishioners and additional copies have also been published.

The Digest will resort to its normal format in December with the publication of an issue covering December and January.