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Summer Holiday Hospitality Academy Visit

Belfast Cathedral - Summer Holiday Hospitality Academy Visit

On Tuesday 20th August our Events and Marketing Manager, Holly Wilson, met with a group of local teenagers about her role at the Cathedral as part of the Summer Holiday Hospitality Academy.

The programme is part of a Belfast City Council initiative to help promote and encourage people to look for employment in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

School timetables are always busy and as an alternative to career education and skills for work training, school holidays can provide a less busy space for 14-16 year olds to learn about varied roles in the sector and pathways to employment in it.

Holly spent time telling the group about the different aspects of the Cathedral, what her job entails and why the commercial side of the Cathedral is so important to financing the mission of the Cathedral and keeping the Cathedral here for future generations to enjoy.

Holly said, ''It was wonderful to welcome the group to the Cathedral and tell them about all of the activity we do here, both commercially and as a working Cathedral. Hospitality and Tourism is a growing sector in Northern Ireland and I love seeing Northern Ireland being positively put on the map! To be able to express that and engage with a younger generation about the opportunities available within these sectors was fantastic. I'm delighted that I was asked to be a part of the programme and to bring the group into the Cathedral.''