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Sunday 1st August Morning Worship

You are welcome to join us in person at Belfast Cathedral at 11.00am on Sunday 1st August 2021, which is the Ninth Sunday after Trinity. The service will be Cathedral Choral Eucharist, with the Dean Stephen Forde as preacher. The service will be led by the Reverends Janice Elsdon and Maithrie White, assisted by Denise Murray.

Those attending this service are reminded to wear face coverings throughout and to follow Covid requirements during and after the service. Holy Communion will be in one kind only. We are pleased that quiet congregational singing is now permitted.

Music for the service will include Gabriel Faure's "Messe Basse" and his anthem "Ave Verum"

We regret that during July & August Morning Worship will not be livestreamed.

If you are unable to attend in person the service can be accessed through the Audio Telephone Service later in the day by dialing 028 9532 0355. A copy of the order of service can be downloaded below.


Please join us at 3.30pm on Sunday 1st for Cathedral Choral Evensong in August with the Cathedral Choir! 
Setting: David Terry. Canticles: Dyson in C Minor. Anthem: Long Since in Egypt’s
Plenteous Land – CHH Parry.

You can find the service sheets below to download.

Sunday 1st August Morning Worship Download
Sunday 1st August Choral Evensong Download