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Sunday 16th August VJ Day Commemoration Service 10.15am

Belfast Cathedral - Sunday 16th August VJ Day Commemoration Service 10.15am

On Sunday 16th August, our Cathedral Morning Service will Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day. Starting at 10.15am the service will be broadcast live on BBC Radio Ulster.

All attending this service are asked to be seated in the cathedral BY 9.45AM.

Please remember to keep social distancing when arriving. Due to the change in the Northern Ireland Executive's guidance on face coverings, we ask all attending (unless exempt for medical reasons) to wear a face covering while arriving at or leaving the cathedral when it will be difficult to maintain social distancing. While we recommend that face coverings are worn throughout the service, members of the congregation will be seated at 2m distance. Those leading the service will not wear a face mask while reading as they will be at 2m distance from the congregation.

This is a very important service during the current Covid restrictions, as we commemorate VJ Day at Belfast Cathedral. We will pay tribute to all those from these islands and across the Commonwealth, who fought and suffered as combatants, prisoners of war or civilians across the "Asia and Pacific Theatres" of the Second World War. We will hold in remembrance those who gave their lives.

We will also remember the manner in which the war ended, and also the emotional scars which so many carried after they returned home from what many considered "the forgotten war".

The emblem and laid up standard of the Burma Star Association both take pride of place within Belfast Cathedral. Through this broadcast service with Radio Ulster we will make our contribution to the national weekend of commemoration.

For this service, the cathedral choir will be directed by Mr Matthew Owens and the organist will be Mr Jack Wilson. The preacher will be the Dean.

If you cannot join us in person, please do tune into the radio broadcast. You can do this on-line by clicking the link below:

The service will also be Livestreamed on the Cathedral's Facebook page. To access the service via Facebook, please click on the "F" icon at the very bottom of this page, or click on the link below:

You will find the Order of Service in the following link, for you to follow at home:


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