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Sunday 4 October Morning Worship

Belfast Cathedral - Sunday 4 October Morning Worship

We welcome you to join us in person at 11am for Morning Worship on Sunday 4th October. Please note that the 2020 Annual General Vestry Meeting for Belfast Cathedral will be held (socially distanced) in the Cathedral Nave at 11.50am immediately following the service.

The service for the 17th Sunday after Trinity will be a shortened Service of the Word and the preacher is the Dean, the Very Reverend Stephen Forde.

The Organist is Jack Wilson and the Belfast Cathedral Choir is conducted by the Director of Music, Matthew Owens.

Following guidance issued by the Northern Ireland Executive, and endorsed by the Church Leaders, all attending are to wear face coverings as they arrive and leave the cathedral, at times when social distancing will be difficult. During the service, while seated at 2 metre distance, members of the congregation are encouraged to wear face coverings. However quiet congregational hymn singing, while still wearing face coverings, is permitted and encouraged.

Please note that seating will be allocated from the front as parishioners arrive. If you are a registered General Vestry Member we encourage you to sit towards the front of the Nave, both for the service and the General Vestry which will follow. Those who belong to the same household will be able to sit together. However those from different households will be asked to sit separately. At present the cathedral has seating for 100 worshippers. At the end of the service, after the organ voluntary, those not staying for General Vestry will be guided to leave from the back seats to those at the front.

Whether you are a regular member of the cathedral congregation or a visitor to our city, we welcome you to join us as we share together in prayer, scriptures, reflection and cathedral music.

For those still unable to join us in person, there will be a Live Stream of the first part of the service starting at 10.50am. Please click on Facebook "F" icon at the bottom of this webpage, or on the link immediately below for access.

A recording of the service will be placed  on the telephone audio facility (028 95 320355) later in the day.

If you are following the service from home, the Order of Service can be downloaded below.

Sunday 4 October Morning Service Download