from St Anne's

Tuesday 21st June 11.30am Courage to Lament Service

Belfast Cathedral - Tuesday 21st June 11.30am Courage to Lament Service

On Tuesday 21st June, 2022 from 11.30am – 12.30pm, all from across our community are invited to the 2022 COURAGE TO LAMENT SERVICE, sponsored by St Anne's Cathedral and the Corrymeela Community, in association with Healing Through Remembering and the Wave Trauma Centre.

On the longest day of the year, this service, involving prayer, reflection and symbolic action, will remember those whose lives were lost, scarred or changed during the Troubles.

The event will be led by two members of the Wave Trauma Centre, who are both victims and survivors of the Troubles, as well as by Archbishop Eamon Martin and the Presbyterian Moderator Dr David Bruce.

The service will also feature organ music, “Where the Birds Sing”, written for the Commissioner of Victims and Survivors, and first performed in St Anne’s Cathedral in April. Additional music will be provided by the group “Na Leanaí”

Open to the public, the organisers hope the service will be attended by people from all sections of the community, so that through liturgy and music, a common space will be created to enable participants to emerge as active agents for hope in this society.