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Why visitors love time spent in St Anne’s

Belfast Cathedral - Why visitors love time spent in St Anne’s

Every day we welcome visitors from around the world. They learn about the history and treasures of this beautiful building, shared with enthusiasm by our volunteer guides.

They learn too about Belfast, its industrial past, the tragedy of Titanic, the life of Lord Carson, the commemorations of those who fought and died in conflicts around the world, and much more. Stories told through stained glass, needlework, mosaics and memorials.
Visitors join us for services - we hold four daily on weekdays, and many enjoy beautiful Choral Evensong which takes place during school term time. Our choirs are currently on their summer break, but they will be back in September when weekday Choral Evensong resumes at 5.30pm. In the meantime, visitors are still very welcome to join us for Said Evening Prayer as the busyness of the day draws to a close.
For many of those who pass through our doors, the lasting memories of time spent in St Anne’s are the beauty of the building and the serenity of this house of worship in the heart of the city.

This is evidenced too by comments in our Visitors’ Book, and in the many Five Star reviews for Belfast Cathedral on Trip Advisor.
Why not call in for a tour - whether you are visiting from another country, or from ‘just down the road,’ we would love to see you.