The Regimental Chapel

at Belfast Cathedral

The Chapel, consecrated on the anniversary of D-Day in 1981, contains many important historical artefacts including Books of Remembrance, the font, lectern, and chairs presented by families in remembrance of soldiers who had lost their lives.

Among the Colours laid up in the Chapel are the last stands of Colours presented to 1st Bn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers by HRH the Duke of Gloucester in Kenya in 1962 and 1st Bn The Royal Irish Fusiliers by Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer in Germany in 1963.

One of the most important artefacts is a Book of Prayers written on rice-paper by a prisoner of war in Korea and presented to Capt James Majury, a gift from the prisoners who had found comfort in the services he had held for them during their captivity in 1952-53.

It was this same James Majury who in 1976, as Major General and Colonel of The Royal Irish Rangers, set in motion plans to establish a Regimental Chapel in Belfast, a Chapel in St Anne’s which continues to remember those who served in the past and continue to serve today.

Belfast Cathedral - Stained Glass Window